S.M.S. Guns

Firearm Transfer Procedure


If you plan to purchase a firearm through an online auction site or dealer located in another state you will need an FFL transfer. The firearm to be transferred must be legal to own here in Connecticut! If you are not sure please ask before bidding or making a purchase.

How the process works: I send a copy of my Federal Firearm License signed with RED or BLUE ink to the seller( I usually use RED ink), You arrange payment with the seller. The seller mails the firearm to me. When it comes in I will contact you to arrange a day and time for you to come over and fill out the federal and state paperwork and do the background check. You pay me for the transfer when you come over to pickup you firearm.


To start the process I will need the following information:

1) The name and address to send a copy of my FFL to. The ATF now allows dealers to accept FFL's by fax so please include a fax number if there is one provided the dealer selling the firearm will accept an FFL by fax.

2) A description of the firearm to be transferred.

3) The item number and name of the auction web site if purchased through an online auction site.

4) Your contact information - Name, address, e-mail, phone number.


Once I have this information I will send out a cover letter stating who it is for and a description of the firearm (and auction item number if applicable) along with my FFL to the seller.

After your firearm arrives we will arrange a day and time for you to come over and fill out the federal and state paperwork and I will call in the background check.

You MUST pass the background check in order to receive your firearm. And you MUST have a pistol carry permit or eligibility certificate to purchase or transfer a handgun here in Connecticut. For long guns (Rifles and Shotguns) you MUST have a pistol carry permit / eligibility certificate or long gun eligibility certificate.

I charge $20.00 per firearm payable when you pickup your firearm.


Shipping to S.M.S. Guns

Our shipping address is;

S.M.S. Guns

181 Dixon Road

Sterling, CT. 06377-1518

Please do not ship to us by Fed-Ex Ground.

It is very difficult for us to connect with the Fed-Ex Ground driver and we are not able to get to the Fed-Ex ground terminal during their hours of operation to pick up packages so there is a good chance that you will have your packages returned.

UPS or the United States Postal Service are the preferred shipping services for us to receive packages.