British Enfield No. 1 MK III * #84497J


Indian Mfg. British Enfield No. 1 MK III* #84497J

.303 Caliber wire wrap Enfield that has been refinished. All the metal has been cleaned and repainted, the wood has been cleaned, sanded and finished with tongue oil. Original copper wire has been removed, cleaned and re-soldered back in the original locations on the stock. The but stock I believe is Beach wood and the rest of the stock looks like English Walnut. The bolt and magazine numbers do not match the receiver, all of the other numbers found do match the receiver. There is a proof mark on the receiver - a stylized crown above the initials G.R.I. that I believe indicates this to be an Indian manufactured rifle. The date on the receiver is 1948. there is another proof mark a small one on the ring of the receiver - the crown above the initials G.R.I. and below that another mark that I have not yet been able to identify. Come with a mismatched bayonet that is in original condition - not refinished.