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Indian Mfr. Enfield No.1 MK3* .303 #84497J $450.00




Attention Collectors and Dealers who buy surplus firearms from Century Arms International!

Century Arms has the worst customer service in the industry!

Two years ago I ordered a K-98 German Mauser for a customer, Century Arms advertised this rifle as having a bent bolt. When it came in it had a straight bolt so I called customer service and they told me that I could exchange it for another one if I wanted to pay the shipping to send it back and that I would have to pay a restocking fee. I decided that I would lose less money if I just ordered another one. When the replacement rifle came in it had the bent bolt but it also had a big gouge in the stock right where your thumb rest on the stock when shooting – in my opinion this is not Very Good condition as advertised. So I called customer service again and after being passed around the corporate phone list and some intense negotiation Century Arms customer service agreed to send me a replacement stock. At this time two years later this replacement stock has still not arrived.

In April 2007 I ordered a Nagant Sport Revolver for a customer that was advertised as Excellent condition, when it came in it looked great but did not seem to function right and based on my prior experience I told my customer that we would have to pay the shipping to send it back and probably a restocking fee so he decided to take the revolver as is and get it fixed. My customer tried to shoot this revolver and discovered that the hammer was not hitting the ammunition hard enough to ignite the primer and fire the round. After having it looked at my customer ordered a new main spring and installed it himself – problem solved. My customer sent me a copy of the invoice – with shipping the grand total was $23.00 for the part to fix a revolver that was advertised in Excellent condition. Once again I called Century Arms Customer service to try and get reimbursed the $23.00 to fix a revolver that was advertised in Excellent condition and was told that they would not reimburse me or my customer for the cost of the part instead I was told that I should have sent it back, I then reminded them about the K-98 rifle and told them that I did not want to pay for the shipping and the restocking fee. After speaking with the customer service manager they told me that they would give me a 10% discount on my next order, the manager said this could add up to a lot more than the $23.00 that I was trying to get reimbursed if I placed a large order. So today 8/20/2007 I placed an order that totaled up to over $2,000.00 and what do you think Century arms said about that?, that’s right they said NO to the 10% discount. This leads me to conclude that there is no such thing as customer service at Century Arms International. Consider yourself warned that if you buy from Century Arms the items that you order might not arrive in the condition that was advertised and if there is a problem with an item you are on your own.

By the way since they did not honor the 10% discount that was offered in place of  reimbursing the $23.00 I canceled the order.



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